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If you decline cookies, we will only deliver cookies necessary to operate this website and remember your cookie preferences. This website may use other web technologies to enhance your browsing experience. In this blog, we explore a scenario where income is not earned in the United States, nor is it earned in a foreign country, but rather in international waters, a significant area of the world that is not under the territory of any one particular country. This past week, the IRS published its annual Data Book, which offers a bird’s-eye view of the IRS’s activities during the past year, with a particular emphasis on enforcement activities, including audits and civil tax penalties. It is part of FATCA, an act passed by the Obama administration in 2010 to curb foreign tax evasion.

ACA's current position on FATCA as of 2019 is published on its website. requirements limiting data-sharing which allow sharing to be done only with organizations following the Safe Harbor Principles. In a 2016 paper academics argue that tax evasion can be directly linked to violations of human rights.

Prior to the implementation of CRS, there had been no other method of fully and globally identifying immigrants and emigrants and citizens by way of their identification numbers, birthplaces, and nationalities. Each participating government is tasked with collecting and storing the data of all its citizens and immigrants and of transferring the data automatically to participating countries.

If you make a showing that any failure to disclose is due to reasonable cause and not due to willful neglect, no penalty will be imposed for failure to file Form 8938. Reasonable cause is determined on a case-by-case basis, considering all relevant facts and circumstances. You are a US citizen or resident, who during a period of 12 consecutive months ending in the tax year is physically present in a foreign country or countries at least 330 days. Any financial instrument or contract that has as an issuer or counterparty that is other than a U.S. person. If you don't file a complete and correct Form 8938, there is an automatic $10,000 penalty that can grow to a $50,000 penalty if not dealt with immediately.

At the end of 2011, the Treasury issued proposed and temporary regulations providing guidance on the reporting obligations under Section 6038D. The FBAR filing requirement isn’t new, but expats often overlook it.

CRS is capable of transmitting person data according to the demands of either Residence Based Taxation or Citizenship Based Taxation or Personhood-Based Taxation. In 2014, the OECD introduced its Common Reporting Standard proposed for the automatic exchange of information through its Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes.

After identification, the FFI is responsible under the law for further questioning the individual. For this reason, we typically recommend that when submitting a Form 8938 amendment, the filer also submit a detailed legal argument for why it is not the filer’s fault that the original filing contained inaccurate, incomplete, or missing information. Filing a Form 8938 amendment is a problematic act, insofar as the IRS’ automated systems are generally set up to detect a ‘late’ filing and to automatically assess the Form 8938 penalties outlined here. Penalties for failure to timely and correctly file the Form 8938 are, by contrast, not granted on a similar ‘for the asking’ or ‘just this one time only’ basis.

Taxpayers who have a requirement to file Form 8938 usually have an obligation to report much of the same information on the FBAR as well. Follow the instructions for filling out each section and attach additional sheets as needed to describe all accounts mentioned in sections V and VI. William Perez is a former tax expert for The Balance and The Balance Small Business.

As should be apparent even from this brief discussion, whether the reasonable cause defense to the Form 8938 penalty exists, and whether it can be proven to the IRS is a hyper-technical matter. The fact-gathering, analysis, and write-up for IRS review is thus best left to a Form 8938 tax lawyer. This means, implicitly, that the Form 8938 penalty regime is indifferent to whether the failure to file the Form 8938 was willful or negligent.

Any financial instrument or contract that has an issuer or counterparty that is other than a U.S. person. Every expat should be made aware of FATCA and how it may affect their investments and taxes. This allows the IRS to compare information provided on FBARs against that provided by banks, or see that an FBAR should have been filed but wasn’t. Bankers who fail to cooperate with US government will be subject to punitive 30% tax. The penalty is solely applied to the manager, not the American client, regardless of the manager’s nationality.

He worked for the IRS and holds an enrolled agent certification. With a new administration in the White House, it remains to be seen whether FATCA will continue to operate as it has since its inception, or whether Congressional calls for a FATCA repeal or modification will gain momentum. For now, FATCA remains the law of the land and continues to significantly affect the tax landscape for U.S. expats. No matter where in the world you reside, our international tax team can get you IRS offshore compliant. We represented a high-net-worth client to facilitate a complex expatriation with offshore disclosure.

Rather, for Form purposes, the filers includes the Surrender value or Cash Value. The cash or surrender value is the value the owner of the policy can get now, if they were to surrender the value now, for cash. Agreement between the government of the United States of America and the government of the Republic of Singapore to improve international tax compliance and to implement FATCA, U.S. Department of the Treasury. "Moscow wants tax information exchanges with U.S. to be mutual, balanced". "Do I need to file Form 8938, 'Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets'?".

As you see, a American client may be more trouble than he is worth. A foreign banker may not realize that he has an American client because the client is represented by a non-American. Note that for both FBAR and FATCA the potential penalties for non-compliance are onerous and severe. While on the surface it might seem that both the forms are collecting exactly the same information, there are quite a few subtle differences. See the IRS page, DoI need to file Form 8938, “Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets,”for more information.

This is in sharp contrast to the Foreign Bank Account Report penalty regime, in which a negligent failure to file is treated very differently from a willful failure to file. Such a Form 8938 examination can also occur when a person obligated to file the Form 8938 didn’t file the Form 8938 when he or she should have. If you failed to file a Form 8938, or filed one that was incorrect, incomplete, or late/delinquent, you are potentially subject to a $10,000 Form 8938 penalty from the IRS for each year of violation. By the end of their midnight search, they have come to the conclusion that if it wasn’t for FATCA , they would have not reporting requirement – but this is false.

Expertise.You work one-on-one with a highly experienced CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent who understands the ins and outs of filing all expat forms, including Form 8938. Resources Blog Access up-to-date articles, breaking news, deadline information and in-depth case studies on US expat taxes. is the IRS form used by Taxpayers in the U.S. to report Specified Foreign Financial Assets under FATCA. has an EPF account, then the Individual reports the EPF on the FATCA Form 8938.

That situation must be balanced against the risk that collection techniques violate other human rights like privacy and the legitimate protection of trade secrets. FATCA as implemented by Congress included no mention of reciprocity. Rather, the Executive Branch's IGA implementation of FATCA has made reciprocity promises to foreign governments. In 2013, Time magazine reported a sevenfold increase in Americans renouncing U.S. citizenship between 2008 and 2011, attributing this at least in part to FATCA.

Among those who renounced was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, who did so after the IRS taxed the sale of his house in London. Due to the rise in applications and resulting backlog, the fee for renouncing citizenship was raised by roughly 400 percent in 2015 to $2,350. The 5,411 renunciations in 2016 were a 26% increase from the previous record, set in 2015. The number of renunciations for the first three quarters of 2017 was 4,448, which exceeds the entire year's total for 2015. The Common Reporting Standard requires each signatory country to gather the full identifying information of each bank customer, including additional nationalities and place of birth.

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us international tax reform proposals The law affects all US taxpayers, not just those living overseas. , more than 100 countries and tens of thousands of Foreign Financial Institutions have agreed to report U.S.

We are the “go-to” firm for other Attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Accountants, and Financial Professionals across the globe. Our attorneys have worked with thousands of clients on offshore disclosure matters, including FATCA & FBAR. Form 8621 requires a complex analysis, beyond the scope of this article. The most important foreign account requirement is generally the FBAR. When I first called Kunal I was very worried because I had many years of FBARs and unreported foreign income.

The U.S. is one of the world's biggest tax havens, Chicago Tribune, 6 April 2016. The number of Americans renouncing their citizenship has risen each year since the enactment of FATCA, from just 743 in 2009 to 3,415 in 2014, 4,279 in 2015, and 5,411 in 2016.

Recent international enforcement efforts have raised awareness of the requirement. This is a strategy question, which you should discuss in detail with your offshore disclosure lawyer. , the value of the foreign rental property is calculated into the penalty computation. Find out the definition of a non-resident alien and see how it may affect your tax filing status.

Kunal did a good job reassuring me throughout the process and the streamlined application went without any problems. Mr. Kunal Patel is a very competent tax attorney handling FATCA and overseas taxation. He worked patiently, efficiently and in professional manner in resolving overseas taxes. Any financial instrument or contract that has an issuer or counterparty that is not a U.S. person (including a financial contract issued by, or with a counterparty that is, a person organized under the laws of a U.S. possession).

Our access to the bureaucratic channels, expertise in tax resolution, and compassion through solving complex problems help you get out of trouble with the IRS. We take great pride in how far we’re able to go for our clients.

Thresholds for filing of Form 8938 is a bit different from that of the FBAR. Additionally, they vary depending on whether or not you are married, filing joint or single, or married filing single; or if you are a US resident or a foreign resident. All of our accountants are US CPAs or IRS Enrolled Agents who have extensive and specific experience with expatriate taxation.

The G-20 gave a mandate for this standard, and its relation to FATCA is mentioned on page 5 of the OECD's report. In March 2015 the United States Senate Committee on Finance sought public submissions to a number of Tax Reform Working Groups. Originally ACA called for the U.S. to institute residence-based taxation to bring the United States in line with all other OECD countries. Later in 2014 two ACA directors commented on the situation of Boris Johnson.

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To get professional help determining what you may qualify for and to stop IRS collections, fill out the information below. By submitting this form, I agree to be contacted by Tax Defense Network and/or MoneySolver, including calls, texts and/or emails. Learn more about Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and U.S. taxpayers. The U.S. Treasury created FATCA to ensure U.S. citizens abroad follow U.S. tax rules. If they do not match, the IRS will then ask the taxpayer to explain any discrepancy.

The tax resolution companies referenced herein are not law firms nor are such representations being made. While they may employ attorneys, CPA’s and enrolled agents pursuant to IRS Regulation Circular 230, the use of the term ‘Tax Attorney’ is used as a general or generic term referencing attorneys seasoned in aspects of tax relief and collection work. They may or may not have a specialized degree in taxation or be individually licensed in your particular state. We know resolving tax debt is messy, but we love helping people through it.

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